Why is Changing Your Engine's Oil Important?   
      Kia Oil Change Benefits at Kia of New Bern | Oil being poured into engine   

Have you ever thought of skipping an oil change? Needless to say, most car owners can relate to this. Changing your motor oil is time-consuming and can be costly. However, oil changes are recommended for a reason. Whether your engine runs on conventional oil, synthetic oil, or a synthetic blend, you need to change your oil as often as is suggested.

As a car owner in New Bern, it's important to understand why changing your Kia's oil is so significant for its performance and longevity. That's why Kia of New Bern is providing you with this information about the importance and benefits of an oil change.


The Benefits of Getting Your Kia's Oil Changed


Car oils play an incredibly important role in every car's engine. The main role of motor oil is to lubricate your car's engine and remove impurities such as dirt, deposits, and oil sludge to make sure that all internal parts are running as smoothly as possible.

The engine parts continuously move from the moment you start your car until the moment you turn it off. Imagine the moving metal engine parts rubbing against each other with a thick oil filled with particles and sludge rubbing between them. There will be excess friction and resistance that will cause accelerated wear and possible damage to your car that will cost you later.

Now imagine fresh wet oil creating a smooth layer of slickness for the engine's parts to move, creating optimal conditions for performance. You will not only preserve your engine but also get better mileage and performance out of your Kia on all your trips around New Bern.

      Kia Oil Change Benefits at Kia of New Bern | Service technician writing on clipboard while inspecting Kia vehicle   

          Kia Oil Change Benefits at Kia of New Bern | Service technician inspecting engine     

The longer the oil stays at your engine the thicker it becomes, which is why it is required to be changed at around 3000 miles for conventional oil users and 7500 miles for synthetic oil users.

Car oils also help in maintaining the temperature inside the engine. Good quality oil provides proper lubrication to the engine parts to avoid friction that causes excess heat that could lead to overheating.

Buying a car is an investment and the longer you benefit from your investment the better. Regular oil changes will prolong the usage of your car, so if you aim for a long life for your engine then you should invest in having regular oil changes.

It is more economical to invest in having regular oil changes than paying for the damage to your car in the long run. Talk to our service professionals or consult your owner's manual to find out when you should change your oil and what type your Kia's engine needs.

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